How to Diagnose Skin Rashes


0:00 hi i'm dr. rafael Darvish with skin

0:02 packable dermatology and Cosmetic Laser

0:04 Center here in Los Angeles California

0:05 and I'm here today to discuss with you

0:07 how to diagnose the skin rash skin

0:10 rashes are quite complicated it takes

0:12 many years of training to be able to

0:14 diagnose a skin rash but in this short

0:16 video I'm going to be just explaining

0:18 the basics of skin rashes so there are a

0:21 few different qualities to think about

0:23 when diagnosing a skin rash first

0:25 where's the location what's the color

0:27 and what's the appearance so location is

0:29 a good good tip as to what this could be

0:32 so obviously a rash on the face

0:34 generally is going to be acne or rosacea

0:37 or seborrheic dermatitis acne being just

0:41 general acne that most people know some

0:43 pustules painful red bumps rosacea

0:47 flushing red cheeks and separate

0:49 dermatitis some scaly skin on the sides

0:52 of the nose and up by the eyebrows elbow

0:55 rash generally is going to be you know

0:59 psoriasis generally if you have a

1:01 bilaterally silvery scaly rashes can

1:06 indicate psoriasis elbows and knees are

1:08 generally the most commonly affected

1:10 areas bottom of the feet athlete's foot

1:12 scaly rash now in general when thinking

1:17 about rashes what is the treatment and

1:20 generally if something is itchy

1:22 the treatments going to be a steroid

1:23 cream now it's most commonly refers to

1:27 something allergic in nature eczema

1:30 it falls into that classification so

1:32 again

1:34 best best to leave the treatment options

1:36 to your doctor but I'm just giving you

1:38 an overview if your rash is very linear

1:42 in fashion so say for instance you have

1:43 something just like a straight line on

1:45 your skin that generally means it's

1:48 something contact related because in

1:50 nature there are no straight lines so if

1:52 you end up with something that's a

1:54 straight line then it could be something

1:55 that you came into contact with also you

1:58 guys think of location in addition to

2:02 just the most common areas but say a

2:03 random area like you're you know below

2:05 your bellybutton

2:06 that's a location that a lot of people

2:07 you know some that people get a rash at

2:10 and that's uh that's that's just that

2:13 away for a nickel allergy where people

2:16 are allergic to the nickel on the back

2:17 of the button of their genes so these

2:21 are all things that you got to think

2:22 about but you know that they're the the

2:25 number of different kinds of rashes is

2:27 very broad these are just the most basic

2:29 of basic tips then I'm giving you here

2:32 i'm dr. rafael Darvish and that's a

2:34 brief overview of how to diagnose a skin

2:36 rash