How to Determine If Someone's Had a Facelift

Have ever wondering if someone you know or someone you worked with has had a facelift but don't want to ask? There are ways to determine if someone has been under the knife. Here are some tips.

It's not as easy to tell these days as it use to be if someone as had a facelift. A good job is one that looks natural. Now it can be difficult to tell unless you're a plastic surgeon.

Scars are a giveaway. There will be scarring behind the ears. This depends on the skin's elasticity. The more obvious is when the incision has been made in front of the ears. Then there is the facial liposuction that will leave tiny scars on the chin.

For the nose job, the scars are inside the nose so you won't be able to see them. A ski jump nose is a sign of a nose job or if the nose looks too small for the face. The unnatural feeling on the face is a sign of plastic surgery. Cheek implants are hard.

Bubbly lips are a sign of plastic surgery. As we get older our lips get thinner. If they suddenly appear large and bubbly then that is a sign that there has been some filler put in.

The moving hairline is a dead giveaway. Facelifts and brow lifts lift up the extra skin. This results in an extra hairline. It's difficult to see, but if the person suddenly has extra forehead, then you know they've had work done.