How to Determine Acceptable Nail Length

How to Determine Acceptable Nail Length. How long is too long? When it comes to nails, the right length depends mostly on what you do with your hands at work and play.

Do you type for long periods at work or home? Is typing speed an important factor of the work that you do? If so, it's better to keep your nails fairly short-nails that extend too far over the ends of your fingers may reduce your typing speed somewhat.

Do you perform any kind of heavy work regularly? If you garden or perform home maintenance and construction work or other types of labor regularly, then keeping your nails short makes sense, since you're more likely to break and chip nails. The shorter your nails are the less likely they are to break, chip or split.

Do you play guitar as a hobby or profession? If you're an acoustic guitar player, then keeping your nails fairly short and well-manicured is very important.

Consider whether or not your nails make it difficult to perform certain tasks. Even if you don't need to keep your nails short for work purposes, there's still such a thing as too long. If your nails make it difficult to pick things up, press buttons or do other everyday tasks, it might be time for a trim.