How to Design Your Own 18th Birthday Invitations

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For your 18th birthday party, designing your own invitations can help create buzz for the event and pave the way for your extra-special day. With a little extra effort, you can create the cards or select from a handful of templates to produce invitations that hit the mark for your 18th birthday bash. Personalized invites can be a way to memorialize an event or keep things light and breezy.

Decide the location, time, date and theme for your 18th birthday party. If you want guests to bring a specific item or dress a certain way, include this information in your invitations.

Visit a craft store or drugstore to buy the card stock of your choice, along with a rubber-stamp design that suits your personal taste. Select other items such as glitter, stickers and colored markers, if desired. Purchase envelopes sized to the dimensions of your invitations.

Use your markers and other design supplies to create drafts of your invitations. Once you have chosen a final design, stamp each card stock invitation with the rubber stamps and add the coloring and detail of your choice.

Use your computer’s word-processing application to create the details — date, time and location — for your party. Print this information onto the card stock. Insert the invitations into their respective envelopes, and mail them off.