How to Design a Fedora Hat

Fedoras were a big staple of men's style of the 1930s and 1940s, but recently, they've been making a resurgence in both men's and women's fashion. Fedoras are an adorable piece to add to any wardrobe and can help you hide any bad hair days, even during the summertime. Designing your own fedora can be easy and a fun project in millinery.

Measure your head using the tape measure.

Find a fedora hat shaper that will fit your head. A few places that offer hat-making supplies are listed in the Resources section.

Purchase a hat body in the color that you want. For a fedora, a hat body with a small brim will work best.

Prepare your iron or steamer on the hottest steam setting, and steam the hat body until it is moist.

Place the hat body onto the hat block, and pin it down, making sure to pin the body to all the crevices of the block.

Continue steaming and smoothing down the body until it conforms to the block.

Measure and mark your desired brim size using a pencil and a ruler.

Cut off the brim.

Pull the hat off the hat block, and measure around the base of the hat, above the brim.

Using the hat measurement as a guide, cut a strip of grosgrain ribbon.

Pin the ribbon around the base of the hat, above the brim, and sew it down with a sewing machine.

To decorate the brim with some silk, tie the silk around the hat, right above the brim, and pin it down.

Stab through the silk and hat with a needle and thread, and use a stab stitch at a few different places around the hat to secure the silk in place.