How to Defuzz Okra

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Okra is a vegetable that is available year-round. Because it has high levels of vitamins and minerals, it is a good addition to many dishes. However, since it is a unique vegetable, the preparation of it is slightly different than most. Okra has a light fuzz on its surface layer that some opt to remove before cooking it. You can easily remove the fuzz without damaging the okra.

Wash the okra with water. Shake some of the excess water from the okra before preparing to remove the fuzz.

Use a small piece of nylon net or a nylon brush to rub the okra's surface and remove the fuzz. Be gentle in rubbing the okra's surface. Do not pierce or damage the okra.

Rinse the okra a second time to ensure that you have removed all of the fuzz from the okra's surface. Check for any remaining fuzz on the okra's surface.

Use a dish towel to gently rub the okra's surface and remove any remaining fuzz. Rinse the okra and follow your recipe's instructions for cooking the okra.