How to Create Gift Box Centerpieces

How to Create Gift Box Centerpieces. If you want to create an unconventional centerpiece that's easy, versatile and inexpensive, look no further than your gift wrap drawer. A stack of boxes wrapped in bold, beautiful paper can be just as stunning as a bouquet-and the best part? All you need to create this polished tablescape are some basic gift wrapping supplies.

Gather boxes. Chances are, you have boxes you can use already lying around the house. You'll want to vary sizes, but choose boxes that are within the same basic medium-size range. Shoeboxes and other boxes with pronounced tops aren't the best choice; instead, try to find something without an obviously visible top. You can always buy empty boxes at party or craft supply stores. (If you don't have any empty gift boxes, small board games, tissue boxes or pantry items like tea or cracker boxes could work.)

Choose wrapping paper and ribbon. When making your selections, remember to choose paper that coordinates with the table linens and china you'll be using. Try to tie all elements together by sticking to two or three colors. And when choosing papers and ribbons, it's best not to go for anything too busy; small patterns and solids are safest.

If you're using flimsy empty boxes and will be displaying them outdoors or somewhere they might get jostled, put something inside to weight them. Just don't use anything too heavy, so when you stack the boxes they won't crush each other.

Wrap the boxes carefully and secure with double-sided tape. Tie ribbons and trim the ends.

Stack boxes in center of table. If you're using a long table, create several piles of boxes along the length of the table. If you'll be at round tables, one display of boxes is all you need. When stacking the boxes, display them at different angles, setting some upright and resting others on their sides.