How to Create a Gift Basket in a Balloon

transparent balloons image by Brent Walker from

Gift baskets in balloons make unique presentations and gift statements, and nothing seems more exciting than receiving a balloon with gifts inside. Placing the gifts inside of the balloon isn't as tricky as it sounds. However, you do need a machine to help you accomplish the goal. Gift baskets inside of balloons can earn great profits for church, personal or school fundraisers.

Open the lid to the balloon stuffing machine.

Secure the balloon in place, stretching the balloon neck over the black plastic fingers in the center of the machine lid. Stop when the top of the balloon reaches the bend in the plastic fingers. Close the lid.

Open the cap. Place one hand on each cam handle, and pull with one hand while pushing with the other. Turn until you hear three clicks. The cap will open.

Press and hold the button on the back of the machine to inflate the balloon until it covers the vent in the bottom of the machine. Remove your finger from the button once the balloon reaches the desired capacity to cover the vent. The balloon will not lose air after you remove your finger.

Place krinkle shred paper in the bottom of the balloon to create a "nest" for the gift basket items you will be placing inside of the balloon. Use paper in colors that will coordinate with the items you wish to put inside.

Stuff your gift basket items, one at a time, into the balloon. You can include items such as candy, flowers, shirts, jewelry and stuffed animals. Arrange the items in a balanced fashion inside of the balloon. The opening will allow 6 in. for gifts to slide through.

Top the gifts with confetti or curled ribbons for an added festive touch.

Close the cap by placing the palm of your hand on it and pressing down. Twist the balloon with your fingers, and use the Safetite disc to secure it. Lift the lid with one hand while the balloon rests at the base.

Pull the balloon neck upwards, and twist it four more times into the Safetite disc. Insert the balloon into the long slots, and then stretch it over and down into the short slots. Pull the neck back up into the original slot within the center of the disc.

Place bows on top of the balloon and ribbons. Place stickers, if desired, on the balloon for added decoration.