How to Cook Whole Lobster


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0:06 hi I'm Jessica I'm going to show you how

0:08 easy it is to cook a lobster it's really

0:11 just three easy steps boil slice and

0:13 serve I have here a pound and a half

0:15 lobster which is perfect for one serving

0:17 I'm going to throw it in a pot of salted

0:19 boiling water for 12 minutes and then he

0:23 goes for 12 minutes and then he comes

0:29 off the heat after 12 minutes out of the

0:34 pot onto the cutting board and then to

0:38 serve we just take his claws off like

0:40 this grab it and pull 12 now we're going

0:50 to just spread the tale we're gonna take

0:56 a big knife just at the base of the

0:59 torso insert the knife and push down

1:03 splitting the tail in half um this is a

1:06 female there's an egg sac inside and we

1:10 just want to clean that out all the guts

1:12 you just want to take those out kind of

1:15 like the lobster caviar just clean that

1:18 out with some paper towels and now we're

1:22 just gonna serve this guy up the nice

1:24 tail with some lobster knuckle crackers

1:29 some lemon and butter and you have a

1:33 nice lobster feast and it's that easy to

1:35 cook a lobster three easy steps and you

1:38 have a whole lobster feast thanks for

1:40 watching I'm Jessica young

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