How to Cook in an Electric Frying Pan

Many people mistakenly think that an electric frying pan is only used for frying foods. Nothing could be further from the truth; these versatile pans can be used for baking, stewing, roasting and braising. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, which makes finding the perfect pan for your family a simple task. Most newer models on the market have a non-stick interior; older models may be bare aluminum or steel.

Fry foods such as eggs, pancakes or hamburgers in the same way you would use a skillet on the stove top. Set the temperature control at a medium heat. On some models, the settings may be low, medium and high, while other models have a degree Fahrenheit temperature setting. Medium heat on these models would be around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Roast or braise meats in the electric frying pan by first placing 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil in the pan and heating the pan to high. Brown the meat in the oil on all sides. Fill the pan up to 1/2 full of water or broth, turn the thermostat down to medium and put the cover on the pan. The meat will be moist and tender in about the same time as cooking it in the oven. You can also add vegetables to the pan, if desired.

Cook stews, chili and soups by combining the ingredients in the pan along with stock or water. Start the cooking process on high and turn to low when the liquid begins to boil. Allow to simmer for at least an hour before serving.

Deep-fry fish, fries or other foods by filling the pan 1/2 full of cooking oil. Set the thermostat to high and use a slotted spoon or strainer spoon to lower foods into the hot oil. Cook until brown and remove with the spoon and allow to drain on paper towels.

Make easy one-dish meals by browning meat cubes in 2 tablespoons of oil. Add vegetables and pasta or rice. Fill the electric frying pan 1/2 full of water and cook on medium until the rice or pasta is cooked and the meat and vegetables are tender.