What Is a Braising Pan?

Pot roast with sweet potato

Paul Cowan/iStock/Getty Images

A braising pan is a cooking pan used for browning meat as well as simmering the meat with liquids and vegetables. You can use braising pans on the cooktop and in the oven.

What It Looks Like

A braising pan is a large, flat-bottom pan with high sides to hold large cuts of meat such as a roast. The braising pan typically has two side handles to make moving the pan from cooktop to oven easier. Braising pans also have a lid for simmering food without losing moisture.

How It's Used

You use a braising pan for recipes that require large or small pieces of meat to be browned and then cooked along with other ingredients. Common recipes made in a braising pan include pot roasts, stews and pasta sauce.

Why It Works

The advantages of a braising pan include simplicity and economy. Meals prepared with a braising pan are simple, as the cooking is done in one pan and after browning the meat little is required of the cook. The process of simmering meat in a braising pan makes tougher and less expensive cuts of meat more tender and flavorful.