How to Cook Fried Chicken Wings

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Whether you're making food for the big game tonight or preparing an appetizer for your family, fried chicken wings are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You'll need to do a small amount of prep work, but once you start frying, wings only take a few minutes to complete. Making fried chicken wings at home gives you the freedom to adjust crispiness or make them as bold and spicy as you desire.

Fill a pot with several inches of vegetable oil, or enough to fully cover wings. Turn the burner on to a medium heat setting. After several minutes, check the oil temperature with a thermometer. Allow the oil to reach a temperature of approximately 350 to 375 degrees.

Set up a dipping station by placing two small bowls on your kitchen counter. Fill first bowl half-full with flour, salt and pepper. The second bowl is for egg wash. Crack a few eggs into the second bowl and stir with a fork until well incorporated.

Place one chicken wing at a time in the flour mixture using a large slotted metal spoon. Turn the chicken wing with the spoon several times, until fully coated with the seasoned flour. Lift the chicken wing with the slotted spoon, shake to remove any excess flour, and drop in the egg wash. Carefully lift the chicken wing from the egg wash with the slotted spoon and place back in the flour mixture, allowing one final coating.

Remove the coated chicken wing from the flour mixture with the tongs. Place it onto a cookie sheet lined with paper towels, to pick up extra moisture. Continue to batter the rest of the wings one at a time.

Place wings into fryer oil one at a time using the same tongs. Do not overcrowd the pot. Wings should not be touching each other and should have room for oil to completely surround each wing. Depending on the size of your pot and amount of wings you are making, you may need to make several small batches. Allow the wings to cook for several minutes, until they are golden brown and floating in the oil.

Remove the wings from the fryer oil with the second set of clean tongs. Place the cooked fried chicken wings on a second cookie sheet lined with paper towels. Check the temperature of each wing before serving. Chicken needs to have an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Serve immediately, before the fried chicken wings become soggy, and turn off the stove before you sit down to eat.