How to Convince Mom to Buy You Clothes

How to Convince Mom to Buy You Clothes. Convincing your mom to buy you clothes can be a tricky deal. You may have a closet full of clothes, but if nothing fits or is in good wearable condition, you aren't left with many options. Keep reading to find out how to convince your mom to buy you clothes, even if she has told you no in the past.

Get rid of clothing you can no longer wear. If your mom refuses to buy you clothes because you have a closet full of them, go through your closet and donate items that no longer fit. This shows your mom that you really don't have as many clothes as she thinks you do.

Offer to split the costs with her. If she worries about being able to afford a whole new wardrobe, offer to meet her halfway. Do chores around the house or babysit to make extra money. Then offer to use all of your earned money if she can help out with the rest.

Practice thrift. If you want to convince mom to buy you new clothes, it's in your best interest to look for the best deals out there. Pay attention to ads in the paper or on TV, and when a really good sale comes up, ask your mom if you can go check out the bargains.

Be grateful, not greedy. If you want your mom to buy you clothes, don't be greedy when you do get to shop. If she offers to buy you a few pairs of jeans and some tops, thank her afterward and don't beg for more. She'll be more willing to take you shopping again the next time you ask if you act mature this time.