How to Convert Thyme Leaves to Ground Thyme


0:06 hi my name is Stella Metz of us and

0:08 today I'm gonna help you understand

0:11 something really important when it comes

0:13 to converting fresh thyme leaves to

0:16 ground thyme leaves now time is a huge

0:19 herb in the southern Mediterranean

0:20 because it grows wild everywhere oh my

0:23 gosh it's so the aroma is incredible I

0:27 love walking through the foothills of

0:29 the southern Mediterranean oh I miss

0:31 being there right now anyways we'll

0:33 create the southern Mediterranean here

0:34 so we're gonna have the fresh to dry

0:36 conversion it's actually quite easy now

0:40 you're going to take six fresh thyme

0:45 sprigs so six individual stocks of time

0:48 and those six are going to convert to

0:52 three-quarters of a teaspoon of ground

0:54 thyme or one tablespoon of fresh thyme

0:58 equals about three-quarters of a

1:00 teaspoon of dried thyme so that

1:03 tablespoon so the tablespoon of fresh

1:07 thyme is more equivalent than the 3/4 of

1:12 the drive reason being the fresh still

1:16 has water which means it's going to be

1:18 more dense and flavor so make sure when

1:22 you're using fresh herbs versus dried

1:24 herbs that you convert them correctly

1:26 you might have a dish that's a little

1:28 overpowering keep healthy and enjoy

1:30 using all these wonderful herbs found in

1:33 the southern Mediterranean

1:40 you