How to Conduct a Religious Service in a Nursing Home

These days nursing home residents are often in very poor health, but a brief religious service can be a tremendous comfort. Remembered songs or prayers help them become, even if only briefly, the people they used to be before their illness. You can make a big difference for people who have given up a lot of what makes life meaningful. Read on to learn more.

Contact the activities director at the home in advance to schedule your service. Usually late morning is a good time when residents are more alert. Agree on which residents will be invited and who will bring them to the meeting room. Request a staff person to assist you during the service in case someone needs to leave, needs a drink of water, or needs help finding the page.

Review the prayers that you will use. If there's time, print them out in large print (14 pt.) so residents can follow. Even if they can't read along, holding the paper makes them feel involved.

Being by welcoming everyone and introduce yourself. Acknowledge the staff assistant and thank her. Explain what the service will cover and why you volunteered to lead it.

Speak slowly and loudly. Pay attention to residents who are trying to respond or want to say something. Give them an opportunity to speak.

End with a song that many are likely to know. Singing is an important way for people to connect with each other. Finish with a prayer that mentions each person's name if possible. Thank the staff assistant. Thank the residents for coming. Collect the prayer sheets.