How to Clean the Inside of Fleece Slippers

Fleece is a construction of sheepskin or wool fabric, and fleece slippers are warm and soft to keep your feet cozy in the winter months. After a while, the inside of the slippers can become dingy and dirty from the oils of your feet and general household dirt. It is important to preserve and clean the inside of the fleece slippers at least once a month. Buildup can permanently damage the material.

Insert the dauber brush into the fleece slipper. Start at the toe area and rub gently in circles. Brush in circular rows from left to right until you reach the open area. The brush removes loose dirt and filth from the inside of the fleece slipper.

Moisten the first cloth with cold water and wring it out so that the cloth is only slightly damp. Add a drop of the sheepskin cleaner to the corner of the cloth. Rub the cloth together to mix.

Push the cloth into the inside toe area. Use two fingers to wipe the fleece in a circular motion. Repeat the step in rows until you've covered the entire slipper.

Rinse the cloth thoroughly to remove the cleaner. Wring it out and insert into the toe area again. Use a circular motion in repeated rows to finish cleaning the fleece slipper.

Dry the slipper by blotting the inside of it with the second cloth. Start in the toe area and push down strongly. Place in a cool, dry area away from sun or heating elements to let it finish drying.