How to Clean Pitted Dirt From Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are more likely to collect dirt than an average sized pore. When extracting the dirt from your pores, the most important thing is to be consistent with your pore cleaning regimen. In addition, after the pores are clean of debris and oil it is important to tighten your pores to prevent future excess-pitted dirt.

Wash your face daily (or twice daily) with an oil-free facial cleanser. If your skin becomes too dry, use the cleanser once a day. Avoid adding any unneeded moisture or oil products to your skin. Natural oil that your skin creates along with oil in skin care products can promote clogged and dirty pores.

Apply tea tree oil and aloe vera to your face every other night before bed. Tea tree oil works as a great disinfectant for your skin. Use a quarter-sized amount of aloe vera and a few drops of tea tree oil in the palm of your hands. The tea tree oil will extract all of the dirt and germs from the core of your pores.

Use pore strips once every two weeks to remove dirt within your pores and tighten them. Apply a strip across your problem areas, usually over your nose and the middle of your forehead. Take the backing off of the pore strip and apply the strip to your skin starting from the middle and slowly smoothing out the remainder of the strip on either side. Leave the strip on for 5 to 10 minutes before removing.

Wear a cleansing extract mask once a week. Extract masks contain ingredients that pull dirt from your pores. Masks that contain dead sea salt are the most effective at extracting debris. Apply a generous, even amount of extracting mask over your entire face. Once the mask has fully dried and hardened rinse your face with warm water. Don’t wash your face afterward.

Prevent pitted dirt from returning to your pores by using a pore-tightening mask once a week while continuing with your pore cleaning regimen.