How to Clean Nike Sneakers

How to Clean Nike Sneakers. Nike sneakers, like any other brand of athletic shoe, should be cared for and cleaned regularly in order to preserve them, unless you don't mind buying new shoes every six months or so. The process of cleaning sneakers is actually quite easy.

Get a canister of foam cleaning solution when you buy your new nike shoes. This stuff is available at all athletic shoe stores, and the salespeople will usually try to sell it to you at the register. If this is on sale, you should take them up on it.

Take a rag or cloth and dampen it. It doesn't need to be soaked. Run it under the water and then wring out all the water you can from the cloth.

Spray the foam solution over the shoe. You will probably need to shake the canister first. Wait 10 to 30 seconds for the solution to absorb the dirt on the sneaker.

Run a plastic brush over the shoe, especially over the dirtiest areas, to scrape the dirt off. On some canisters of cleaning solution, the cap will have jagged teeth meant for you to use for just this task.

Wipe off all the remaining solution and dirt with the damp cloth. Let the sneakers dry.