How to Clean Nautica Jackets

Nautica jackets have plenty of benefits. They are versatile, warm, light-weight and stylish. However, extra care needs to be given to these jackets if you want to keep them as nice as when you bought them. Most Nautica jackets are made of polyester. Polyester may keep out the rain, but a polyester jacket can be ruined if it's not washed properly.

Look over your jacket to check for stains. You will wash your jacket in cold water, so it's harder to get stains out. There are two ways to get rid of stains. The first method is using a stain remover like Tide-To-Go. The other method is taking a dime-size amount of laundry detergent on a hand towel and using warm (not hot) water to flush the stain out. Don't worry if you can't get the whole stain out. Just get as much as you can. The rest should come out in the wash.

Take your jacket and put in it into your washing machine. The temperature on the washing machine should be set to cold. If you choose to set your machine to have hot water, this could ruin your jacket. The cycle setting should be set to gentle wash.

After the machine is done washing your jacket, hang your jacket to dry. If you choose to put it into a dryer, set it on the lowest temperature possible. After that, you're jacket is clean and wearable again.