How to Clean a White G Shock

cotton swab image by timur1970 from

Clean a white Casio G-Shock watch to make it look as good as the day it came out of the box. The plastic resin of a white Casio G-Shock gets dirty quickly with regular use. Grooves on the underside of the strap collect oils and grime, which dull the color of the watch. Carefully cleaning a white Casio G-Shock restores its appearance without harming the function or causing any damage.

Lay the white G-Shock watch face down on a soft towel and squirt a few drops of isopropyl alcohol onto a folded paper towel.

Rub all the surfaces of the watch with the slightly moistened paper towel until the towel begins to darken and appear grimy. Switch to a new paper towel and continue until the towels appear clean after fully wiping down the G-Shock watch.

Drip a couple drops of the alcohol onto a cotton swab and work the tip into any dark grooves or dirt you see on the watch. Switch to a new end on the swab or new swab altogether when the one you are using has a dark, dingy appearance.

Dampen a melamine foam sponge with water and wipe down all the white plastic resin on the band and around the watch face.

Examine the watch closely to see if you have successfully removed all the collected dirt. Stubborn grime and ink marks may require additional cleaning to remove.

Add a single drop of nail polish remover to a new cotton swab and wipe down the areas that are still showing marks on the white surface. Avoid rubbing the nail polish remover on any painted areas of the watch or band, as it may smear the paint.

Rinse the clean watch under cold running water and dry it completely before putting it back on. Casio G-Shock watches are water resistant.