How to Clean a Tungsten Ring

by Carole Ellis ; Updated September 28, 2017

Tungsten is a durable and shiny metal used to create wedding rings and wide designer bands. This hard metal is tarnish- and scratch-resistant and is typically polished with the same types of tools that are used to cut and polish diamonds. Tungsten jewelry is simple to clean, but this metal may react unfavorably when used with the wrong cleaning chemicals or methods.

Buff away fingerprints using a soft, dry cloth. Tungsten retains its polish forever, so you will just need to smooth away oily fingerprints periodically using a soft, dry cloth.

Brush away scratches. If your tungsten ring appears scratched, do not worry. It is not. Tungsten is too hard to be susceptible to daily wear-and-tear like scratches. Instead, these "scratches" are small pieces of material that are now attached to the tungsten. You can remove them with warm water and gentle scrubbing with a soft toothbrush.

Add mild detergent to your cleaning arsenal. For extremely contrary "scratches," you can add a few drops of a mild detergent to a small bowl of warm water and use the toothbrush to scrub the ring in this solution. This will remove any difficult marks and scratches completely.

Dry the tungsten ring with a dry, soft cloth. If you allow the ring to air dry, you will end up with spots on your otherwise unmarred ring.


  • If your tungsten ring has silver inlays, they will need to be polished with silver polish periodically. If your tungsten carbide ring is tarnished, instead of using soap and water to clean it, you will need to buy a tarnish remover specifically made for tungsten carbide.