How to Clean a Felt Hat

How to Clean a Felt Hat. Felt has been used for centuries and is possibly the oldest textile material. Felt hats are considered stylish and come in a variety of colors and styles. Follow these steps to clean one.

Use a soft-bristled brush on your hat each time you wear it. This can be a soft hairbrush or a brush made of horse hair or other soft fibers specifically designed for this purpose. Use a light colored brush for light ones and a dark colored brush for dark ones.

Use a soft and absorbent cloth to blot the rain off gently if you get wet in a rainstorm. Use the cloth over the spots in a circular, counterclockwise motion.

Try using a soft sponge with small pores for stubborn stains. Great alternatives are a makeup sponge or a bit of foam rubber. Rubber sponges have a slight stickiness to them that will grab the stain off the felt. Again, rub the sponge over the stain in a circular, counterclockwise motion.

Find a professional renovator if any stains remain. Stains such as sweat stains may need professional assistance since they penetrate deeply. It'll get a thorough cleaning with a chemical bath, and then stiffened and reshaped.