How to Chop With a Magic Bullet

One of the least enjoyable parts of making meals at home is chopping the food. If you have dull knives or are uncomfortable chopping, it can ultimately take more time to chop the food than it takes to cook it. The Magic Bullet dramatically reduces chopping times to a matter of seconds. This device has a rotating blade and works much in the same way as a blender. Take care when using the Magic Bullet, as the powerful blades can quickly turn the food into mush.

Remove the cup from the top of the Magic Bullet.

Put the food items in the cup. If the food is too long to fit inside the cup, cut it with a knife in order to make it fit.

Put the cup back on top of the Magic Bullet, being careful not to spill the food. Twist the cup slightly to secure it in place.

Press down on the cup for no more than a second to chop it in pulse mode. Check the food to see if it is chopped to your liking. If you want it chopped into smaller pieces, press down on the cup for half-second intervals until you are pleased with the results.