How to Charge Clarisonic Sonic Ultra

by Herman Cruz ; Updated September 28, 2017

A fully charged Clarisonic Sonic Pro works properly on your skin.

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The Clarisonic Sonic Pro is a dermatologist tested skin cleansing system. It is used with different brush heads depending on your specific skin type. These removable brushes move at sonic frequencies of over 300 movements per second to cleanse your skin. This technology helps reduce blemishes, dry patches and the appearance of wrinkles, pores and fine lines, plus it reduces oily areas. To use this apparatus there are several charging guidelines you must follow. Following the charging instructions for your Clarisonic Sonic Pro ensures proper functionality.

Plug the charging cradle that came with your Clarisonic Sonic Pro into an electrical outlet. The Clarisonic Sonic Pro and Plus come standard with a universal charging cradle; Therefore, it can be used all over the world. However, if you use it in a country other than the United States and Canada you may need to get the appropriate country adapter.

Place the Clarisonic Sonic handle on the charging cradle. The face of the Clarisonic Sonic brush handle must face toward the taller side of the charging cradle. This is important for proper charging.

Leave the Clarisonic Sonic in the charging cradle for 24 hours, if it's the first time you are charging it. Thereafter you will need to charge it a minimum of five hours every time the battery is low. A fully charged Clarisonic Sonic gives you up to 30 minutes of use and approximately 20 minutes, when using the optional body brush head.


  • When your Clarisonic needs a charge the brush handle beeps immediately. At this point you should put it in the charging cradle.

    The green lights on the back of the handle indicate the level of charge remaining.

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