How to Celebrate Advent

How to Celebrate Advent. The observance of Advent has its roots in ancient times. The word Advent means "a coming," so the season of Advent is the 4 weeks before the celebration of Christmas, the coming of the Christ Child. Although Advent is an old custom, it is alive today in the homes and churches around the world that celebrate this special time of year in various ways.

Purchase or make an Advent Wreath. An Advent Wreath has 4 candles, 1 for each week. Sometimes a fifth candle is added in the center for lighting on Christmas Eve.

Decide as a family when you will observe your Advent traditions. Advent is celebrated on Sunday in churches, but you might find another day of the week that is less hectic for your own celebration.

Choose a reading for each week from the Bible that tells a portion of the story of the birth of Christ. The first should be from the Old Testament because it represents prophecy.

Gather your family around your wreath during the evening meal and light the first candle. Read the story you have chosen. Each week the first candle will be lighted first and so on until all 4 are shining on the fourth week.

Sing a Christmas Carole together after the reading. If your family doesn't like to sing, then have some music playing during the reading.

Say a prayer together after the reading and the song. There are many pre-written prayers for Advent available.

Allow the candle or candles to burn throughout the remainder of the evening meal.