How to Care for Wedding Bouquets and Corsages

How to Care for Wedding Bouquets and Corsages. One of the most important details for the perfect wedding is the flowers. From corsages and boutonnières for bridesmaids and groomsmen to the bouquet the bride carries down the aisle, caring for these pre-made floral arrangements will keep them looking fresh and lovely for the big day. Here are some tips on caring for wedding bouquets and corsages.

Place bouquets in a vase of water. Check that the stem of each flower in the bouquet is submerged in the water and that any ribbons or trim around the bouquet is outside the vase and dry.

Spritz bouquet flowers with a light layer of water. A light spray of water will keep the blooms revived, open and vibrant.

Keep the bouquet in a cool place overnight where it will remain upright and at a cool temperature. If possible, place bouquets in the refrigerator. If you choose to refrigerate your bouquet, let others in the house know that the flowers are in there to help eliminate any accidents.

Spray corsages with a light spritz of water. Spray each flower in the corsage to keep it open and to help prevent it from wilting or fading. Since you can't immerse corsages in a vase like a full-size bouquet, spritz the ends of each stem also to keep the flower looking fresh.

Store corsages overnight in a resealable plastic storage bag. After spritzing the corsage with water, place it in the bag and seal the bag securely. Refrigerate corsages and lay the bags in a single flat layer in the refrigerator.

Label each storage bag with the name of the bridesmaid or groomsman that will be wearing the flowers on the wedding day. This will make distribution easier and avoid confusion on an already hectic day.

Remember to include 1 or 2 pins for each corsage. Leave the pins out of the corsage when storing the flowers the night before to help keep them from wilting or drying out. Place the pins in the storage bags with each corsage so that the member of the wedding party who will be wearing the flowers will have everything they need.