How to Care for an Umbrella

Whether at a sporting event or while making your daily commute to work, a nice quality umbrella is crucial to staying comfortable and dry during rainy weather. Read more to learn how to properly care for an umbrella. Afterall, when you properly care for an umbrella, you can trust that it will work when you need it most.

How to Care for an Umbrella

Allow your umbrella to fully dry before storing. If you fold it while it is still wet, mildew can form causing staining and odor. Store in a garage or basement over night for proper drying. Otherwise, leave it open and propped on one side.

Clean your umbrella according to the care instructions provided on the label or packaging. Otherwise, simply spot clean with a washcloth and warm water. Avoid using harsh cleaners that can damage the waterproofing coating within the fabric. Cleaners can also cause discoloring.

Remember that a rain umbrella is not a beach umbrella. Umbrellas designed for use in the rain are likely to sustain damage after prolonged use in the sun.

Use care during particularly windy weather conditions. A strong gust of wind can be damaging to an umbrella if it catches the umbrella and forces it to bend in the opposite direction.

Follow the natural creases of the umbrella when folding it. While your temptation may be to crumple the umbrella into a storable manner as quickly as possible, it is best to return the umbrella to it's original position. Proper storing will prevent any bending of the spokes or awkward creasing in the fabric.