How to Buy a Gift for a Bachelorette Party

How to Buy a Gift for a Bachelorette Party. A bachelorette party gift can be as personal, funny or practical as you would like to make it. Base your decision on the type of party, your budget and your friend's tastes. With persistence and planning, you can find a party gift that the bride-to-be can appreciate. Read on to learn how to buy a gift for a bachelorette party.

Determine the type of party. Traditionally, bachelorette parties are last-night-out flings requiring an amusing gift. But a growing trend is to combine the bachelorette party with a wedding shower, making a more practical gift necessary.

Assess how much you are willing to spend. Give yourself a budget and stick with it. Gifts can add up quickly. Don't allow them to become more costly than you intended.

Remember the gift is for your girlfriend, not for you. Always keep her taste mind while shopping for the gift. This is also good advice for gag gifts. A humorous present is fine when the bride-to-be can appreciate the humor. But if she is easily embarrassed, a raunchy gift should not be an option, even if you think it is funny.

Find out where the bride-to-be registered for her gifts. Begin searching for the gift there. Look over her choices to see if you can find an acceptable match.

Consider bringing other girlfriends that you invited to the bachelorette party into a pool for a larger gift. The funds from three or four people can purchase a much nicer present.

Know that the party itself can be part of the gift. It is perfectly acceptable to tell the bachelorette who threw the bash, as long as you don't mention cost. It is in poor taste to tell the honoree the price tag of the party.