How to Braid With Layers


0:06 hello my name is Michelle Briana and I'm

0:09 a freelance hair and makeup artist for

0:10 TV film and print and special events and

0:13 a beauty expert and we're here at the

0:15 fabulous Bridget salon in Woodland Hills

0:17 California and today I'm going to show

0:19 you how to braid hair with layers so

0:22 what you want to do is you want to go

0:24 ahead and smooth out any hair and since

0:27 she has layers in her hair you you may

0:29 want to put some kind of product on it

0:31 perhaps you want to use a little wax

0:34 because that would control any flyaways

0:37 or any hair that may stick out and just

0:39 kind of apply that on the hair work it

0:41 through the hair okay so now I'm gonna

0:44 grab my comb and I'm just gonna section

0:46 the hair in three sections and I'm gonna

0:49 start braiding right at the nape area so

0:52 you want to have very clean sections as

0:54 you braid the hair okay and I'm gonna do

0:59 a very tight braid and you're gonna

1:02 start seeing that some of the layers

1:03 will start sticking out okay so what you

1:06 want to do is you want to grab the first

1:08 panel bring it over to the left bring

1:10 the other one in the middle and you just

1:11 start weaving and you just continue this

1:15 process all the way down and you want to

1:18 do it very tightly okay so that you can

1:22 have a really nice looking braid now as

1:24 you can see her hair is already starting

1:26 to stick out so those are her layers so

1:31 I'm just gonna go ahead and move quickly

1:33 just to give you an idea of what we're

1:34 doing so we can get to the later part so

1:38 I'm gonna secure the braid okay and you

1:42 may want to do this a couple of times

1:44 okay once we've done that as you can see

1:48 she already has a couple of layers

1:50 sticking out so these are the hairs I'm

1:52 gonna go ahead and start securing what

1:54 you want to do you want to grab a hair

1:56 pin and you want to bring the braid okay

2:00 and you want to start working with that

2:02 hair and you just want to go into the

2:03 braid and stick the hair pin within the

2:06 braid this way you can't see it and use

2:09 as many as you need to control the hair

2:12 from sticking out we're gonna do another

2:15 one right in here and I'm sticking it

2:17 within the braid this way you can't

2:19 really see the hairpin I'm going to add

2:23 a few more along here so that you can

2:24 see the difference and I'm just going to

2:26 apply the same technique

2:45 okay so then you may just want to add a

2:48 little hairspray control all that down

2:51 tightly just kind of wrap that in there

2:54 I'm gonna add one more here same thing

3:00 and there you have your braid your

3:04 braided layer look here with all the

3:07 layers tucked in nicely once again my

3:10 name is Michelle brown thank you so much

3:12 for watching and have a fabulous day