How to Become One of the Plastics

How to Become One of the Plastics. The plastics are a superficial group of high school girls who rule the school with intimidation and fear. Although the idea is based on the "Mean Girls" film starring Lindsay Lohan, every school has its own clique of mean girls. Whether you're already queen bee or a wannabe who wants to claim the throne, here's your guide to becoming one of the plastics.

Watch the film. "Mean Girls" shows the inner workings of the Plastic's interaction with everyone else.

Read "Queen Bees and Wannabes." This non fiction novel written by Rosalind Wiseman is the basis of the movie and explains the different social groups. Learn the inner workings of each group, from the queen bee to one of her sidekicks.

Dress the part by wearing form fitting expensive designer clothing. Bare your midriff, wear low cut tops and heels, which are popular provocative images. Complete the image with flawless makeup, trendy hairstyle and perfectly manicured nails.

Learn the social structure. Plastics are at the top of the high school social ladder. Recognize all the other cliques, including jocks, band geeks, and mathletes to know who to shun or make fun of in hallways and cafeteria.

Choose an acceptable boyfriend. Plastics only date handsome guys in their own social groups. Parade your boyfriend around at lunchtime and make out with him to inspire jealousy.

Study the art of psychological warfare. Offer enemies praise or compliments and deceive about your true feelings. Smile or laugh when secretly angry to catch others off their guard and create confusion.

Survive at all costs. Plastics live by the Darwinism principle of "survival of the fittest." To stay on top, a Plastic is ruthless in crushing her enemies. Tell lies, resort to sabotage and spread vicious gossip to secure your reign.

Redeem yourself. Ultimately Plastics learn that their behaviors only hurt themselves. Change your ways and find a better way of channeling your feelings and dealing with high school.