How to Be Helpful

How to Be Helpful. People love to help others--it is one of the most natural things. However, few know how to be helpful without being offensive. Not too many people want to ask for help. They are more comfortable giving help then taking help. Therefore, we must figure out to be helpful and not offend the person we are helping. Read on to learn how to be helpful.

Ask if you can help. The easiest way to be helpful is to ask. Suppose someone invites you to their home for dinner. One of the first things that you should say is "Is there anything I can do to help". Now most people are going to say "No" because they think you are only being polite, but occasionally you will find someone who will give you something to do.

Look around and see if there is something that needs doing. Again you are at that person's house for dinner and you notice the table isn't set, so you casually say, "if you tell me where your dishes are I can set the table for you." This is a little pushy but not usually considered offensive.

Volunteer to clear the table. Most people appreciate the help, but are too polite to say that you should help because you are a guest. However, if you just jump in and start to help it will be noted and you will be considered helpful.

Make yourself at home. If you are visiting good friends don't stand on ceremony and make them wait on you especially if you know where to find what you want. If you are asked if you would like something to drink instead of just replying "yes" you could say "yes and if it's alright with you I can get it myself." This way you are asking permission but being helpful at the same time especially if your host is trying to do hundred of other things.

Apply these simple steps in other situations. This is the easiest way to be helpful. Understand the situation and assess what needs to be done and offer to do it or jump in and do it but always keep your host informed every step of the way. You can tell a polite "No" from a firm "No." So take the hint and learn that sometimes you can be helpful by doing nothing.

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