How to Attach the Belt on a Blue Marine Dress Uniform

Lou Gallio

The U.S. Marine Corps dress blue uniform is for special duty assignments and formal social occasions. Many Marines, however, only wear the uniform at special events, and assembly and attaching procedures may become vague between events. Nevertheless, in keeping with Marine Corps high standards, you must wear uniforms according to current regulations. You should know how to assemble and attach a web belt on the Blue Dress "B" (enlisted male) uniform. The procedure is covered by Marine Corps regulation MCO P1020.34G, dated 31 March 2003 of the Permanent Marine Corps Uniform Board.

Prepare for belt assembly. You should have a white web belt, a buckle, a buckle "D" clip and two rectangular slotted "stay" pieces ready for assembly. Lay out the belt horizontally on a flat, soft surface with the front side of belt facing down.

Place the buckle face down on the right end, with eagle upside down. Place a stay piece next to the buckle.

Place a buckle "D" clip and one stay piece at the left end of outstretched belt. You now have the necessary hardware for each end of the belt.

Attach the buckle to the belt: Insert the belt from left to right through the buckle connector slot. Slide the buckle to the left about 8 inches. Slide a stay piece down the belt up to 1 inch from the buckle. Loop the belt end back through the buckle connector slot to the left. Pull the belt through, but do not pull tight.


Attach the buckle "D" clip to belt: Insert the belt end through the buckle "D" clip slot; slide clip to the right about 8 inches. Slide a stay piece down the belt up to 1 inch from the clip. Loop the belt end back through the clip slot to the right. Pull the belt through, but do not pull tight. You are now ready to attach the belt to the uniform coat.

Put on the coat and button up. Grasp the buckle clip (left side) and insert inside the coat belt loop on the right side of your waist. Pull the belt through the loop; extend the belt around your back and into the coat belt loop on your left side. Pull the buckle clip through the belt loop and fasten it to the tongue on the buckle. Adjust by placing stay pieces and pulling through the excess belt evenly on both sides for a snug fit. When done, adjust the position of the buckle; make sure it is centered with the coat buttons.