How to Attach Scene Setters to Walls

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Creating an elaborate theme for a party will create a memorable experience that everyone will enjoy. One way you can create such an immersive experience is with scene setters: plastic backdrops that attach to your walls. If you have a western theme, try setting up a scene setter of an Old West town. For Christmas parties, a scene setter with images of snow will set the mood correctly. There are scene setters for just about every theme you can imagine, and attaching them to your wall is simple.

With another person, unfold the scene setter from its packaging. Scene setters can be large and cumbersome to handle. Having another person help you with the process will reduce the chances of tearing or otherwise damaging the setter.

Unfold two small step ladders by corners of the wall you will be using for the scene setter.

Grab one corner of the scene setter and have your helper hold the other corner.

Fasten the corners of the scene setter near the top of the wall (and center as best as you can) with double-sided tape, poster tacky or thumb pins. Any of these items will work, so it is really a matter of preference. Double-sided tape is the weakest of the three but will not leave any marks on your wall. Poster tacky is a stronger adhesive but may leave a small amount of coloration that can be washed. A thumb pin will work the best but will leave a small hole in your wall.

Fasten the bottom of the scene setter to the wall.

Place any props you want to use up against the scene setter. This will give the scene setter additional support.