How to Apply Highlights to Your Hair

How to Apply Highlights to Your Hair. Hair highlights add depth and character to your style; however, not everyone can afford an expensive salon coloring treatment. While application of hair color can be a bit tricky and takes some practice, you can add highlights or lowlights to you hair at home. A few simple tips and the right tools will help you get salon-quality results.

Choose a hair coloring kit that is just a few shades lighter than your hair to keep a natural look. While most kits come equipped with gloves and brushes, it is best to purchase your own separately. Acrylic brushes available in art supply stores are the best for highlighting. You should also use tight-fitting gloves, which are easier to work with than the loose gloves that come in coloring kits.

Mix your coloring just before use, as you will have to use it immediately. If you are applying highlights for the first time, you might consider mixing just half of the solution at first, as you might need some extra time to get adjusted to the process. You will get faster with practice.

Clip your hair up as tight as possible, leaving only a small section at the back. Apply a light layer of petroleum jelly around your hairline to prevent the coloring solution from staining your skin.

Select a small section of hair to highlight and slip a doubled piece of coloring foil around the strand, pulling it as tight as possible toward the root. Add a small amount of coloring solution to your acrylic brush and apply an even amount to the strand of hair. Make sure that the coloring application reaches the root but does not bleed out of the foil. When even, fold the foil tight around the strand and choose your next piece of hair.

Apply coloring sparingly, as it is better to have too few highlights and need to add more than to have too many and need to cover them up. Use the same procedure to touch up your roots every 3 to 6 months, taking care to apply coloring only to the roots.