How Many Calories Are in One Scrambled Egg?

by MJ Knoblock ; Updated September 28, 2017

One scrambled egg contains about 100 calories, depending on how you cook it. The standard size egg in recipes is a large grade A, which has about 74 calories raw.


Making scrambled eggs requires adding either 1 tbsp. of water or milk per egg before beating and cooking in 1/2 tsp. margarine or butter. Using water makes them fluffier in texture, but lacks the richness in color that milk produces.


Vitamin D milk contains 9 calories per 1 tbsp. One percent low-fat milk has 6; soy has 5 and water has none. Stick butter or margarine has about 18 calories per ½ tsp.


Eggs should be refrigerated at 45 degrees F or below. Use the sell by date on the side of the carton as a guide for freshness. Do not use eggs cracked or broken before purchasing.


For prepackaged egg substitute, ¼ cup equals one egg and contains 30 to 35 calories, depending on the brand.


Scrambled eggs should be cooked over medium heat for two to three minutes until set but moist, with temperatures reaching a minimum of 144 degrees F.

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