How Long Does Synthetic Hair Last?


About Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is made of synthetic fibers like plastic or nylon, used to make wigs, hair weaves and hair extensions. It is not recommended to use heat like curling irons or blow dryers on normal synthetic hair, although there are several brands of synthetic hair that are designed to be used under very low heat. Synthetic hair is washable and when kept in good condition, can look as good as human hair. Although synthetic hair can be washed, it tends to frizz and knot easily, so usually it is recommended to use human hair if you are getting a hair weave or hair extensions. If you are purchasing a wig that you will use sparingly, synthetic hair is an option to consider. Synthetic hair is also a great deal less expensive than human hair, so if your budget is important, synthetic hair may be the right choice for you.

Duration of Synthetic Hair

The duration of synthetic hair depends solely on how often it is worn, styled and washed. Some very inexpensive synthetic hair may only last a few days, especially when applied as hair extensions. Wigs made of synthetic hair can last a lifetime, provided they are washed and worn very sparingly. Unlike human hair, synthetic hair will not absorb materials you put on it, like moisturizing conditioner or shampoo, but using a heavy conditioner can help with de-tangling. Do not use heat on your synthetic hair, or risk it burning or melting. Because synthetic hair is made out of very thin strands plastic or nylon, it will melt very easily. It is best not to use heat on your synthetic hair, but sometimes a knowledgeable stylist will offer to do it for you. Be careful and make sure you trust your stylist before allowing them to use styling products on synthetic hair.

Warnings About Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is less expensive, and therefore not as durable or long-lasting as human hair. If you are thinking about purchasing a weave or hair extensions, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of synthetic hair before making your decision. Synthetic hair has a tendency to knot and fray very easily, especially when it is being washed and styled often. If you are purchasing a wig for special occasions that you will only wear once in a while, synthetic hair is a good option. Otherwise, you may want to think about splurging on human hair if you are considering a style to wear permanently for longer than a few weeks.