How Do You Tie Pew Bows?

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Pew bows are a simple but elegant way to decorate the church for the wedding ceremony. Pre-made bows can be purchased from craft stores or a florist can make custom bows with real flowers if you prefer. Purchasing bows already made can be expensive but time-saving. However, creating bows yourself will save you money as well as give you the chance to customize the bows to your specifications. Pew bows can be made from satin, tulle or organza ribbon, and can be tied in simple or elaborate bows. Attach flowers, ribbon curls or layer colored bows on top.

Look for fabric or ribbon for the pew bows. Find ribbon in complementary colors to match the wedding color scheme. Satin ribbon is typically on the higher end of the price range and tulle is usually the most inexpensive option. Tulle creates puffy, soft-looking bows, while satin bows appear elegant and rich. Organza is perfect for beginners; it has built-in wire edging, allowing bows to hold shape easily.

Cut the ribbon to the desired length. The length of ribbon you will need to create the pew bows will vary by the number of loops and length of tails you want for the pew bows; 54 inches of ribbon per bow is enough for a standard bow with two loops and approximately 10-inch tails.

Lay the ribbon flat on a clean, flat working surface. Fold the ribbon in half; this will give you the center as a point of reference.

Unfold the ribbon. Take the right end of the ribbon and create a loop toward the middle of the ribbon. Do the same with the left side of the ribbon. Hold the left loop in your left hand and right loop in your right hand. Hold the right loop over the left; grip both loops with your left hand. Using your right hand reach into the hole created under the two loops and pull the right loop under and through the hole.

Pull each loop tightly in opposite directions. This is a simple bow and is the same process usually used to tie a shoelace.

Fluff the bows so that they are full and round. Straighten the tails of the pew bow so that they sit flat against the pew. More complicated bows can be created by creating more loops or attaching bows to one another created in different colors or different fabrics or ribbon.

Cut an inch of fabric. Loop the fabric over the knot of the bow and glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of the knot. This step is optional but covers the knot of the bow for a more elegant appearance. Instead of using fabric you can also attach flowers to the center of the bow by either gluing the head of the flower to the knot using hot glue or sticking the stem of the flowers through the knot of the bow.