How Do I Lighten Hair With Cream High Lift?

by Ginger Yapp ; Updated September 28, 2017

High Lift Cream Color can be used to lighten your hair.

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It is possible to lighten your hair at home--saving time and money--using High Lift Cream Color. High Lift Cream Color will provide maximum hair lightening when applied correctly. Unlike traditional lightening products, High Lift cream will lighten hair by more than one or two levels. It is important to follow all steps correctly, because High Lift cream is very potent and cannot be left on too long or allowed to be in prolonged contact with the skin.

Choose a High Lift Cream Color and a developer of the correct strength (the higher the volume, the greater the lightening power).

Thoroughly read High Lift Cream Color instructions.

Wearing plastic gloves, mix the peroxide developer with the cream color in a mixing bowl; you need a 1:2 ratio of the products (1 part color; 2 parts developer). Do not fully cover or seal the mixture, because contents may become combustible.

Place an old towel over your shoulders to keep your clothing from getting bleached. Divide your hair into four sections, and secure atop your head using claw clips.

Dip the color brush into the mixture bowl, and smooth the mixture onto the first segment of hair, starting at the tips. Roots will be done later. Make sure your hair is fully and evenly saturated.

Repeat this process with the other segments of hair. Keep hair clipped up and away from the neck at all times.

Leave the mixture in for 30 minutes. If desired lightening has not occurred at this time, keep the mixture on your hair, but continue to check in the mirror every five minutes. Do not leave the mixture in longer than 45 minutes total. Roots should be done last, and the mixture should be left in for only the last 20 minutes.

Let down your hair, and rinse the mixture from your hair with cold water, keeping your eyes shut. Wring excess water from your hair.

Apply a color-safe, nutrient-rich conditioner to your hair; leave the conditioner in for three minutes before thoroughly rinsing.

When your hair is dry, check the final color result. If your hair looks orange or brassier than desired, mix a bottle of toner (it should have a purple or blue hue) in with a bottle of mild developer, and leave on the hair for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Pour any unused mixture down the drain when you are all through.


  • This process is best completed in a bathroom or other area that will not be damaged by peroxide.

    Do not attempt to use any leftover mixture at a later time--it loses its effectiveness after an hour of being opened.

    The process will be more effective if hair is unwashed and unconditioned for 24 hours beforehand.

    Tone refers to the warmth or coolness of color: the warmer the tone, the lighter the hair.

    Keep hair from getting red or brassy by using a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner with a violet tint.

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