How Can I Order a Red Ribbon Bakery Cake in the United States?

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The Red Ribbon Bakeshop chain offers cakes in unique, luscious, tropical flavors. Known for cakes and menu items that stay true to its origins as a 200-chain bakery in the Philippines, the Red Ribbon Bakeshop has grown to 41 locations in the United States. Whether you choose a Pandan Macapuno cake covered in coconut and sweet Asian pandan cream, the Los Angeles Times' "Best of LA" award-winning Ube Macapuno cake made with purple yams, or a Halo Halo roll made of coconut palm fruit, red bean and jackfruit, ordering is easy, but available only in-store.

Red Ribbon Bakery Locations

Red Ribbon Bakery is a growing bake shop chain with 41 stores in the United States, including two in Las Vegas, as well as locations in New Jersey, California and Arizona. Check the website to find a location near you; your cake will need to be ordered and picked up at the store. Red Ribbon Bakery does not currently have on-line ordering or delivery services. However, the website lists all locations and store phone numbers. When you click on the location address, the website will immediately pull up a location map with specific directions.

Tropical Cake Flavors

Red Ribbon Bakery was founded in the Phillippines and specializes in unique menu items and ingredient combinations popular with Asian tastes. Mango cake is the most popular -- fresh Philippine mangoes are chopped and mixed into cream filling separating layers of light white chiffon cake. In addition to fruit flavors, the bakery offers chocolate and coffee-based flavor combinations for those seeking a richer cake.

You can preview Red Ribbon's standard cakes online, and these cakes will normally be available in-store for immediate pick-up. Click on the cake menu to browse the flavors and filling descriptions for each cake sold in their bakery.

Custom ordered, decorated special occasion cakes such as for a birthday or wedding are called 'Cakes by Design.' Sample photos of popular decorated cake designs and a list of cake and filling flavors are available to browse online, but for the full line of designs available at each individual store, you will need to go in to the individual store to view their Cakes by Design Album.

Order and Pick Up

Standard size cakes are normally available for immediate purchase and pick-up at any Red Ribbon Bakeshop. For a special order Cakes by Design selection, go into the individual store at least three or four days before your event. For a large decorated wedding cake, order at least five days in advance. You will pay for your special order cake at the time of order and return to pick it up at the same store. You can request to speak to the manager of the store if you need a special arrangement or are on a tighter time limit.