How Big Is Pony Keg

Bjarki S/Wikimedia Commons

The size of the keg is an important factor in throwing a party. Knowing how much beer a keg can hold will help you determine the size you need for the event. Often, when space is limited, the dimension and size of the keg are important as well. A pony keg is a popular choice for small party and gatherings.


A pony keg holds seven and three quarter gallons. It is also known as a quarter keg.

Cans, Pints, and Cases

A pony keg holds 82.5 cans of beer, or 12-ounce drinks. It hold 62 16-ounce pints, and three and a half cases of beer. This is a total of 990 ounces.


The beer in a pony keg weighs 65.4 pounds. The full weight is 87 pounds.


The pony keg is 13 and 7/8 inches tall. Its width is 16 and 1/8 inches.


There are two other varieties of pony kegs, the rubber sided and the bulged wall. These hold the same amount of beer, but are 17 inches in diameter.

Keg coupler

A coupler with a hose is five to six inches in height. A coupler with and elbow is four inches in height, and a low profile coupler is approximately an inch in height.