High Tea Party Menu Ideas

by Christa Titus

A high tea menu contains sweets and breads that complement the tea. Besides brewing a pot of English evening tea for the guests, have a pot of hot water and an English tea sampler with flavors such as Earl Gray and cinnamon on hand to make sure everyone has a flavor they will enjoy.

Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are light sandwiches that have been cut into fourths or eighths with their crusts trimmed off. Some suggestions are watercress, cucumber mint and smoked salmon.


Scones go well with tea since the thick pastry is good for dipping into hot liquid. Cranberry, poppy seed, orange glazed and cherry are several favorites.


Both individual tarts and large ones that are sliced into servings pair well with tea. Lemon and strawberry are popular, and serving one that has mixed fruit is an option for the weight-conscious.

Petit Fours

These tiny, bite-sized cakes (sponge, pound and chocolate are common flavors) make for a colorful presentation since they are iced in a variety of pastels, flowers and stripes.


Plain or chocolate-dipped fruits like strawberry and oranges, and dishes like fruit salad and ambrosia will complement the desserts.

Other Pastries

Cream puffs, eclairs, cookies (like macaroons), baked bars (such as lemon and chocolate mint) and pound cakes are found on high tea menus.

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