How to Help a Spouse That is Abusing Drugs

If you are in a marriage where your spouse is abusing drugs, most likely it has created a lot of marital problems. The abuser has to acknowledge his problem and deal with it on his own, but there are things that you can do to help both him and yourself.

Break through your own denial. Accept the fact that your spouse has a drug abuse problem. Attend Al-anon meeting. Al-anon is a support group for spouses, children and family members of people with alcohol or drug abuse problems. You must first help yourself before you can be of help to your spouse.

Learn about the addiction and the drug. Research it on the Internet so you can understand the drug addiction that your spouse has. Talk to your family doctor, she can often provide you with literature and other information on the drug and its effect.

Keep communication open. The abuser might shut down and do everything within her power to push you out of her life. As difficult as it may be to do, you need to keep communication open. Let your spouse know you love her even though you are unwilling to tolerate the drug abuse.

Encourage your spouse to go to Narconon. Narconon is a drug abuse rehabilitation program. They have centers throughout the United States and can offer various levels of support depending on the needs of the addicted person.

Plan an Intervention. If your spouse is not willing to acknowledge the fact that he is abusing drugs and will not get the help he needs, you might need to plan an Intervention. This is a planned meeting attended by a professional counselor, family and friends of the addicted person. The loved ones confront the abuser about their problem and tell him what his treatment plan will be.

Attend couples therapy. After your spouse has acknowledged the drug abuse problem and is getting help for it, you should consider attending couples therapy. The drug abuse has most likely caused damage to the marriage, therapy can help you to repair the damage.

Forgive and reconcile. An important step of overcoming the effects of drug abuse on a marriage, is to forgive each other for any damage done and pain caused. Then to reconcile your relationship and work towards building trust in the marriage again.