Help Kids Celebrate Easter With These Super Fun Ideas


Kids have good reason to be excited about Easter: It's a holiday devoted to finding hidden treasures and an excuse to feast on sweets. Parents may be too grown up to seek out eggs on their own, but there are plenty of other ways to participate in the fun. Team up with your children to create these crafts, and you shouldn't be surprised when your happiness grows, too.

Teach Them Egg-Coloring Basics

Spread cartons of white and brown eggs on the family dining table, along with a variety of dyes, and show your kids how to turn eggshells into a kaleidoscope. Let loose, too, and dip eggs in different shades as you please. Just be sure that no one is wearing a favorite shirt.

Kelle Hampton

Build the Best Basket (It's Better Than a Piggy Bank!)

A place to collect spare change and allowance money can lead to big bucks, but an Easter egg basket carries something that piggy banks don't: candy. When you help your kids invest their time in creating these animal-inspired baskets, their piggy banks could have some serious competition in safeguarding valuables -- especially since these baskets can offer instant gratification.

Debbie Williams

Place Presents on the Tree, Instead of Under It

Thanks to this project, Christmas no longer has dibs on trimming trees. Make a group activity out of adding bright colors to branches and adorning them with decorative eggs, and your kids won't even miss the star-topped alternative.

Jonathan Fong

Display a Colorful Egg Garland

Coloring inside the lines isn't always how kids roll, and this egg garland gives them the freedom to follow their instincts. Download and print the free egg illustrations, add paints and glitter, and then step back to enjoy the show. The product of their imaginations can hang proudly on your mantel.

Kersey Campbell

Make Mystery Crepe Paper Carrots

Hiding surprises shouldn't be the sole responsibility of your home's landscaping. Pick out small prizes with your little ones -- like chocolate, stickers, and bracelets -- and then conceal them under crepe paper made to resemble a carrot. Keep the surprise from your Easter brunch guests, and you can share in the delight of a big reveal together.

Jessica Begum

Keep Treats Within Arm's Reach

Whether you still keep a cookie jar in your kitchen, or you store all sweets in a well-used cupboard, you know that easy access to small indulgences is a family affair. Turn that shared affection for sugar into an afternoon project and paint clear storage jars for goodies in Easter-ready pastels.

Jessica Begum

Go Ahead and Make a (Swirly) Mess

Kids love when things get messy, and with this project, you can actually allow it. Embrace organized chaos when you spearhead an exercise that involves dye, shaving cream, and eggs. Your kids will probably be mesmerized enough when you ask them to swirl the eggs through a dish filled with colored shaving cream, but the finished products should excite them, too.

Jonathan Fong

Dress 'Em Up Like a Bunny

Sure, little bunnies are cute and all, but kids pretending to be little bunnies are even cuter. Help your child construct the right shape for his bunny ears, and then wrap a cottontail together. Once a costumed bunny is jumping around your house, you won't even prefer the real thing.

Kersey Campbell

Sew a Super-Cute Felt Bunny

All right, so this project doesn't involve your little ones during production as much as it will make them happy once you finish (like last year's science fair project). Sew together a bunny out of felt, and it can serve two purposes: either it works as a cute finger puppet, or it adds a festive touch to a headband.

Megan Anderson

Get Your Tween in the Spirit

Older kids can also make some decorations, and this Easter wreath is a great project to do when every participant can manage a glue gun. Organize responsibilities -- like who is going to be in charge of spray paint -- and then put the finishing touches on together. The eggs will roll, but eyes definitely shouldn't.

Jonathan Fong

Bake Sugar Cookies Your Teenager Will "Like"

Teenagers who would rather not help with plastic Easter eggs, thank you very much, can lend a hand with a more grown-up project instead. These sugar cookies are topped with edible flowers, and they will totally want to share them on social media.

Sonya Nimri

Create an Easter Basket Fit for a Big Kid

When you have an older child who still wants to do an Easter egg hunt, her basket can't look like her younger brother's. This project uses "natural foliage" for decoration, and it will make a basket pretty enough to use as a jewelry holder long after the eggs are found.

Disney Powell

Help Growing Children Do the Decoupage

Just like your older kids have outgrown finger painting, it's safe to say that they've probably figured out the truth about the Easter bunny. On the bright side, knowing the facts means that their holiday eggs can get more sophisticated, too. This decoupage project lets them make intricate designs on eggs they can keep year-round.

Jonathan Fong

Get Everyone Ready for Their Close-Ups

All children, regardless of age, love a good photo op. Gather everyone together to cut out these holiday printables, and then keep them close for the camera. Bonus points if you make an equally colorful backdrop.

Courtney Whitmore