Help Adding Traction to Dress Shoes

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Wearing new dress shoes to a special event or party can make you feel stylish and add a bit of pizzazz to your outfit. However, slippery new soles can quickly turn dangerous the first time you walk on a wood, tiled or linoleum floor. You can easily score, or scratch, the bottom of your shoes with everyday household items to give them traction.


Open a pair of large scissors or kitchen shears so that the blade sides are exposed.

Wrap a hand or kitchen towel around one handle and blade so that you can hold it in your hand without risking cutting yourself.

Hold a shoe in the other hand with the sole side up.

Make several shallow criss-cross cuts in the bottom of the forefront of the shoe with the scissor blade. Cut carefully to avoid cutting through the sole; the cuts should be about one-sixteenth of an inch deep.


Hold medium-grit sandpaper in one hand and your shoe in the other, sole side up.

Rub the forefront of your sole with the sandpaper 10 to 20 times to scratch up the slick bottom. Avoid rubbing the sandpaper on any other part of the shoe to prevent damage.

Brush away any debris from the sanding that is on the shoe with a soft towel. Try the shoes on before wearing them to an event to be sure that they are no longer slippery.