Hats That Are Made From Recycled Materials

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Do-it-yourself enthusiasts and manufacturers produce various styles of hats made from different recycled materials. From soda bottles to canvases and tarps to old sweaters and more, there is sure to be a recycled hat to fit just about anyone's taste.

Recycled Plastic Bag Hat

The recycled plastic bag hat is created by cutting used plastic grocery bags into strips and then crocheting them together to form a hat similar to the look and feel of a straw hat or a sun hat. Since the hat is made of plastic it is washable, foldable and scrunch-able. Instructions to crochet these hats is provided by Jeanne Borofsky on the Dreaming Printer site (dreamingprinter.com). The required materials are just a few: 20 to 30 plastic bags, scissors and a 6 mm crochet needle.

Recycled Tarp Hats

Trendy and stylish, the recycled tarp hat is made of used fabric tarps and fashioned to look like a cowboy or wrangler hat. These hats are naturally weather resistant and can therefore take a bit of a beating. These hats are most commonly available for purchase through a South American company called The Real Deal (realdealbrazil.com). The Real Deal claims that the tarps for these hats have traveled the Amazon out to Sao Paulo and back again, making them a truly well-traveled hat.

Recycled Sweater Hat

Create a new hat with an old sweater by cutting out the parts you want to use and stitching them back together. Woolly or furry sweaters are especially good for re-purposing. You can add buttons, patches or decorative stitching to the hat for a unique design. Clean the fabric thoroughly and inspect it for stains or rips before you begin. Just because the sweater is used, it does not mean the hat has to look that way.

Recycled Bottle Hats

Plastic bottles deposited into the recycling bin could end up being reborn as hats. Polyester fabric is regularly made from recycled plastic bottles and then manufactured into hats such as baseball caps. These recycled caps are very similar in look and feel to traditional polyester fabric hats, so you may not even be able to tell the difference. Recycled bottle hats are available through several online retailers.