Hair Weaving Techniques for Men

Men can turn to hair weaving to cover up balding and thin spots. Several nonsurgical techniques are available, using either synthetic or authentic hair.


Synthetic or human hair pieces can be braided into the hair at the base of the scalp to add volume. At its best, the hair will look natural and last a long time. Sometimes the braids can be too tight, giving a pinched look to the scalp.


Less costly than braiding is attaching a hair piece (either human or synthetic) to the scalp with glue or another adhesive. This technique works best with men who have thinning hair that can be blended with the hair piece. A word of warning: The glues may contain caustic material, so providers must take care not to harm the scalp or their own hands.

About the Treatment

Both braiding and adhesive techniques need to be repeated every two months. Before undertaking the procedure, discuss with your hairdresser the length and thickness of the hair pieces.