Hair Dye Color Problems

Hair coloring is one of the hardest beauty regimes to get right. There are numerous problems that can occur both with home coloring and salon visits. However, knowing some of the potential problems that can occur with hair coloring can help hair colorists avoid these same problems in the future. Knowledge is power!

Dying at Home

Coloring your hair at home can be one of the largest potential places to run into hair-color problems. One of the largest problems facing home colorists is the fact that many people dye their hair alone. Dying your hair yourself can lead to uneven coverage. Another problem that many people have at home is a lack of preparation. The hair-color test is essential for avoiding potentially horrific hair color. Trying to correct a bad dye job with more hair color at home is also usually a bad idea. The new dye can react badly with the old, causing serious damage to the hair as well as an unattractive hair color.

Salon Visit

There are also hair-dye color problems that can occur at a salon as well. Many salon hair colorists do not know how to choose the right color for a particular person. Everyone’s hair reacts differently to different dyes, as well, which can sometimes cause terrible colors even at a salon. Usually if a salon has created a problem with someone’s hair, that person has 48 hours to return to try to fix the color issue.


Hair-color problems can be very irritating and annoying. However, it can be even worse to continually re-dye hair over and over. Sometimes it may be better to let a bad dye job sit for a few weeks before trying a new color. Sometimes the color will tone down in a few days and become livable. However, if the hair problems are so great, there are special formulas sold at salons used to remove hair dye.

Expert Insight

Even if bad hair-dye issues have happened to you, it is important to remain calm. It is best to try to have a professional fix any color issues. This way the integrity of the hair itself will remain intact. However, there are also some quick fixes that can be done at home to fade particularly terrible dye jobs. Hot water and shampoo is one of the best ways to fade a new dye job. It is also best to only use semi-permanent dyes for any home dying because they contain fewer chemicals that can harm the hair.

Time Frame

While most people hope their hair-dye problems can be fixed with just one additional dye job, this is not the case. It can take up to five additional salon visits done over a course of a month or more to correct a bad dye job. Semi-permanent hair color takes about six weeks to completely fade from the hair. It is best to wait at least two or three days between one dying session and the next. This is best for the health of the hair as well as the color.