Grants for Single Black Mothers

by Amanda Younger

There are numerous opportunities for single black mothers to get grant money to fund their educational, personal or professional pursuits from organizations around the nation. Whether you are trying to find money for college or to start a small business, there are resources available to make these dreams come true. However, bear in mind that you may also be eligible for grants not specifically geared to single black mothers.


With only about 30 percent of black women living with a spouse, the prevalence of single black mothers has certainly increased, according to "The New York Times." While many view a college education as almost a given, issues about financial aid and day-care expenses if the woman has a young child can all factor into the budgetary concerns of those with a single-paycheck lifestyle. Therefore grants that are targeted toward black women, single mothers and black single mothers are imperative for improving the overall educational and professional reach of women who are charged not only with taking care of themselves but of their children as well.


While finding grant money can often be a challenge for single black mothers, there are a number of organizations that have set aside money specifically for this group. One such organizations is the Sister Thea Bowman Foundation. In honor of Sister Thea Bowman, a Catholic convert who devoted her life to education and Catholic teachings, the foundation has set aside money for four scholarships geared specifically to black single mothers. The awards provide $30,000 over four years for single black mothers to attend The College of Saint Mary. Even more impressive, the college will also give the recipients a $24,000 award. Although there are a few other stipulations associated with this grant program, it certainly presents a wonderful opportunity for single black mothers to attend college and earn their degree.

Finding Grants

One of the best approaches to track down grants useful for black single mothers looking to further their education, start a business or embark on another goal is to contact national, state and local minority organizations. Groups such as the NAACP or the United Negro College Fund are great resources to find out about grant opportunities for black single mothers. While other minority organizations may not give out funds themselves, they can be excellent resources to learn about other opportunities to get grant money.


The benefits of receiving grant money are obvious, but in the case of grants for black single mothers, the benefits span two generations. By improving the educational and professional capabilities of a black single mother, her child, in effect, is being given more opportunities as well for a better education and a more promising future.


Due to welfare regulations, black single mothers are often caught between a rock and a hard place when looking for funding for educational or professional endeavors. In some areas, student aid in any form is considered a source of income, making single mothers on welfare ineligible for funding. Groups such as Raise the Nation are working furiously to change such regulations and ensure that single mothers are able to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

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