Good Ways for Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Fun

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Long distance relationships can be difficult, but with a little effort and determination, they can thrive. Keeping the relationship fun, even from afar, is essential to the success of the relationship. With modern technology, it is now easier than ever to date someone who lives in a different city, state or even across the world.

Use Video Chat

Using technology to communicate with your long-distance love is important -- it will allow you to converse frequently and nurture the relationship. Video chat is a good way to keep your relationship fun and exciting. Even though you are apart, you can still look into each other’s eyes and have meaningful conversation, flirt or show each other things that are important, such as pets or living arrangements.

Send Packages

Sending packages to each other is a fun way to show that you care and to keep the spark alive. It is always fun to send -- and to receive -- a box of goodies in the mail. When preparing a package for your significant other, you do not have to spend a lot of money to be thoughtful. Some possibilities are sending favorite candies or sweets, something that you made by hand or something that your significant other may have mentioned in passing that he likes. Write a hand-written note and spray your perfume or cologne on it for an extra surprise.

Flirt Through Text

Since you cannot flirt in person, you should use other means to do so. Being flirtatious is an integral part of a blossoming relationship -- it is fun and brings you closer together emotionally. Send sweet or flirtatious text messages to your significant other regularly to keep the spark alive. He will likely respond positively to this fun and playful form of communication.

Have Date Nights

Even though you cannot be together physically, you can still connect emotionally and experience things together. Schedule date nights every week through video chat or another form of technology and do something unique, like watch a movie or eat dinner together. While this may seem strange at first, it is no different than experiencing these things with that person right next to you. You are doing it together -- just far apart.

Talk About Being Together

In a long distance relationship, the ultimate wish each person has is that he wants to be with the other person, at some point. It can be fun to talk about being together in person and to dream together about the possibilities for the future. Open the lines of communication and talk often about what you will do together, who will come to visit whom, and short-term or long-term plans. It will help the time to pass and it will give you both an idea of expectations when you do visit in person.