Gifts to Be Delivered for Men

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If you're far away from the man in your life, but still want to send him something special, have a unique delivery gift sent to him. When people think of delivery gifts, they usually think of feminine presents like flowers. Luckily, there's a whole slew of masculine gifts waiting to be delivered to men of all interests.

Gourmet Meat

Few things say "man time" more than a barbecue, so why not give him a head-start on dinner with a delivery of grade-A cuts? High-end butchers across the country will pack and deliver beef, poultry, mutton, pork and seafood to your man's doorstop. Grass-fed beef, which is considered leaner and tastier by connoisseurs, is sold by small ranchers and among the most luxurious mail-order meat options. (reference 1) Meats are packed in shipping coolers with dry ice or gel packs, which keep cuts cold during transit. (reference 2) Some companies will also deliver steak and barbecue sauces.


If he's a beer lover, then send deliveries from microbrew companies that will let him sample a range of beers. Sign him up for a microbrew of the month club where he'll get regular deliveries of microbrews to try and share with his buddies. Or arrange for a microbrew gift basket to be sent. Gift baskets often include extras like themed mugs and snack meats or cheeses.

Edible Arrangements

If flowers aren't his thing, send him an edible arrangement of fruit or chocolate. Edible arrangement are available for delivery from retailers across the country and include a wide range of fruit or chocolate designs. The fruits and chocolates are cut or molded into artistic designs that are either abstract or mimic the shapes of flowers. Arrange for a note to be sent with the arrangement expressing your thanks or affection.

Shaving Gift Basket

Pamper the man in your life with a gift basket of premium shaving supplies. Luxury shaving companies sell gift baskets of their most popular products. Buy baskets with full-sized products, or have a basket of sampler size items delivered. Gift baskets can include scented creams and aftershaves as well as fine crafted razors and shaving brushes.